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Sara | Lake Berryessa | Napa Portrait Photographer


Sara // Lake Berryessa // Napa Portrait Photographer

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting Sara at Lake Berryessa. I dreamed this shoot up after reading the following Proverb: “Just as water mirrors your face,
so your face mirrors your heart” (The Message).
courtney stockton photography_0004.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0002.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0003.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0005.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0006.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0007.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0008.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0009.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0010.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0011.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0012.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0013.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0014.jpg
courtney stockton photography_0015.jpg

I love using water as a backdrop for photos – it creates an amazing ethereal vibe.

Special thanks to Sara for modeling for me! Don’t be fooled the calmness you see in her face – the water was FREEZING! We shot this in mid September (at sunset), when the days here in Northern California are still warm, but the nights start to really cool down. She is a much braver person than I am!

Also, a special thanks to Jennifer Duvoe for the beautiful job on Sara’s hair.


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