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Candy | Santa Rosa Senior Portrait Photographer


Most of the time when I photograph someone, it’s also my first time meeting them, so it’s a challenge to find a location that “matches” or “vibes” with them. I totally lucked out on this shoot with Candy. On this particular evening, Spring Lake Park at sunset was so calm and peaceful and the colors were gorgeous. Right after meeting Candy I knew we where going to create something good. I could immediately tell that Candy was one of those gentle souls, and knew that the backdrop of the lake was was the perfect match.

Candy_blog_Courtney Stockton Photography-1 Candy_blog_Courtney Stockton Photography-2 Candy_blog_Courtney Stockton Photography-3 Candy_blog_Courtney Stockton Photography-4 Candy_blog_Courtney Stockton Photography-5 Candy_blog_Courtney Stockton Photography-6 Candy_blog_Courtney Stockton Photography-7 Candy_blog_Courtney Stockton Photography-8

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