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Shelby | Santa Rosa High School Senior Portrait Photographer


Shelby is such a trooper! There are not many stormy days in Sonoma County – especially relative to where I grew up {Seattle}, but Shelby and I chose one of the coldest and windiest days for her senior portrait session. She totally powered through and was not even phased {or at least she didn’t show it}!

Shelby was great to photograph, besides being gorgeous, she emits a positivity and confidence – while also seeming very gentle and kind. I hope I caught some of that with this series of images. She talked about getting into psychology after high school and using it to help others, which from what I can tell, would be a perfect fit for her!

Enjoy these stormy day photos of Shelby taken off the Joe Rodota Trail in Sonoma County.

{Makeup by Brittney at Lovely to be Artistry}

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