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San Francisco Winter Wedding | Omni Hotel


I photographed a wedding at the Omni Hotel in San Francisco back in January with Heather Elizabeth Photography. 

This wedding was elegant. It was classy. It was everything you would want for a winter wedding in San Francisco; including cable cars, red roses, sassy red bridesmaid dresses, stunning chandeliers and martinis (ofcourse!).

rob and holly_1 rob and holly_26 rob and holly_2 rob and holly_27 rob and holly_28 rob and holly_4 rob and holly_7 rob and holly_8 rob and holly_33 rob and holly_32 rob and holly_29 rob and holly_9 rob and holly_11 rob and holly_10 rob and holly_12 rob and holly_13 rob and holly_15 rob and holly_14 rob and holly_16 rob and holly_17 rob and holly_18 rob and holly_19 rob and holly_20 rob and holly_21 rob and holly_22

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